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Bailbondswesthavenct.com offers specific local bonding services for the community of West Haven, CT and surrounding towns. Our bonding services cover the local West Haven police department, the judicial branch with juristiction to the area and county correctional center. Only minutes away from all institutions, our bail bond agents can provide fast and reliable service.

Check out the wide range of bonding services below provided by Gorilla Bail Bonds and Enterprise Bail Bonds, our licensed entities. Note that there are additional services offered not included in the list.

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Bail Premium Quotes

Need to know how much money is needed for a bail bond in West Haven CT? Call our main customer service line and we will tell you. Once we know the amount of the bail bond, we can calculate the premium and offer a quote.

West Haven Bail Service

Yes! We offer all of the services herein for the residents of West Haven, Connecticut and sorrounding towns. We offer services from the actual execution of the bond to transportation back home from the police department.

24 hour Jail Release

Very Simple! Our bail bonsmen and bondswomen are available 24 hours a day. That is all day including weekends and holidays. Gorilla Bail Bonds and Enterprise Bail Bonds never close.

Payment Plans

Do not have the full premium? We offer payment plans. There are some regulations governing payment plans but most people do qualify. Simply show proof of employment our a source of reliable income and you are qualified. No Job? We still can help. Let one of our agents help you!

West Haven Police Bonding

We have local bail agents servicing the West Haven Police Department all day and night.

Service in Spanish

Tenemos fiadores en nuestra agencia que hablan espanol. Tiene un familiar preso en el cuartel de West Haven, CT? Le podemos ayudar! Estamos licensiados para servicio de fianza en Connecticut. Abiertos 24 horas al dia, llame a cualquier hora para una consulta gratuita.

Immediate Consultations

Our bail bonding consultations are free! Call us anytime to discuss any bail bond concerns. Wondering how to become a license bail agent, need to turn yourself in for a warrant, have a warrant for your arrest or need to know the price on a bond? We got you covered!

Transportation to-from

Based on approval only, we offer transportation to the local West Haven Police Department for bail bond purposes with our agency. Need transportation back home after doing business with Gorilla Bail Bonds? No proble. We can arrange for that!

Confidential Bail Service

Very simple! Our bonding services are completely confidential. When you call Gorilla Bail Bonds, we do not share the details of your call with anybody. That includes any business transaction with us! Therefore when you work with one of our agents, be at peace that all is confidential.

Felony Arrest Bail Bond

Have a friend or loved one arrested for a felony offense at the West Haven Police Dept? We can help! Our bail bondsme can do bonding for any felony offense including but not limitted to assault, domestics, possession of any illegal substance and more.

Misdemeanor Arrest Bail

Same principal as for the felony arrests, we hanle all misdemeanors. We are equiped to handle bail bond for most if not all criminal offenses.

Balance Payment Pickup

So you was approved for a payment plan and now need to make a payment? Need one of our agents to pick up the payment at you West Haven residence? We can do just that. Unlike other agencies, we make it flexible for you to pay any bonding balances. Call our main customer service line and ask to have an agent from Gorilla Bail Bonds pick up the money at your home.

Credit Card Processing

We accept all major credit-debit cards as form of payment at no additional cost.

Arrest Warrant Check

If you know or think you have a warrant for your arrest for violation of probation or for missing a court date, let us know. We can find out if you have an active warrant and the amount of bail.

Bail Analysis

Have someone locked at the correctional center and need to know inmate number, bail amount or pending charges? We can help! We can conduct a free of charge bail bond analysis and offer some direction. Just have the name, date of birth and we will begin our research.

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